Vista Desktop Wallpapers & Screen Savers

Chirpscreen – interactive screensaver updates with content from social networks – it floats the information across the screen, & allows clicking on the content taking you to the web page or social networking site. (Support: MSDN)

Digital Blasphemy’s Free 3D Wallpapersreally-cool 3rd party wallpapers

Dual Monitor Wallpapers
– beautiful images “panoramically” stretch across both screens (Support: MSDN)

Exchange Server Team’s
– three wallpapers with new logo

– a WPF screensaver mashup of 3 popular social networking sites: Flickr, Twitter, & Facebook. (Support: MSDN)

Halo 3

New Zealand Bliss
– backgrounds & wallpaper

(RED) Wallpapers
raise awareness for people affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa

Silverlight Team’s “Dusk” DreamScene

Silverlight Team’s Wallpaper
– dawn “blue” & dusk “black” inspired widescreen & 4:3 desktop wallpapers

Virtual Earth Screensaver
– reads RSS feeds to show interesting Virtual Earth birdseye and satellite images with users’ information

Vista Wallpapers
by Hamad Darwish

Vista’s Winning Wallpapers
from Microsoft Singapore

Wallpapers from Microsoft Employees
: Michael Swanson & Mikhail Arkhipov’s 1920 x 1200 (16:10 “widescreen”) & 1600 x 1200 (4:3 “standard”), Peggi Goodwin’s Gorgeous Nature Images (various)

Wallpapers & Tool from MSN
– hundreds of free wallpapers and a wallpaper creation tool

Xbox 360 “Jump in” Holiday Wallpaper
800 x 600 & 1024 x 768

Yule Log Visualization
for Windows Media Player
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