Windows Vista

Windows Easy Transfer for Windows XP – automatically copy your files, photos, music, e-mail, settings, and more from Windows XP to your new Windows Vista based PC. This software enables you to transfer data with Easy Transfer Cables or across a network, external drive, or CD/DVD.

  • Equation Writer – handwritten mathematical equations convert into a typewritten image
  • Media Transfer – copy or stream media from a computer to a Tablet PC
  • Ink Crossword – solve 12 puzzles (more available for download)
  • Ink Flash Cards – learn facts or study for an exam
Feeds Plus – read RSS feeds in a combined view with notifications for new items
Ink Desktop – a dry-erase board to jot down phone number, directions, or top daily priorities
  • Origami Experience: – access all media and favorite programs
  • Touch Settings – configure a touch screen
  • Sudoku – a popular number game
StickySorter – software for brainstorming, planning, and affinity diagramming
Virtual Earth 3D – search, browse, and organize local information viewed in 3D
Windows Vista Ultimate Helpful Hints – a guide to mastering the Ultimate operating system
XML Notepad 2007 – browse and edit XML documents
XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack – view, generate and index XPS documents
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